South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Feb.24,2011 - South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Traditions Start Here

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

We had a great hunt today. Our dog Kolbi was on top of her game today! It was cold with +/- 6 inches of fresh snow. We had sunshine while we were hunting.  The senting conditions were great and Kolbi made some retrieves and finds we will talk about for a long time. We had 4 days in the 50-60′ last week.  The river finally busted loose and we had ice jams with water rising and backing ice flowes into the timber along the river.Some chunks of ice are stacked on top of each other, maybe as much as 6 feet thick in places.

We sorted off our first calf heifers and brought them in. We could start calving soon. March 4,due dates. Hoping for warmer weather. Later Randy

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