South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

March 19,2012 - South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Traditions Start Here

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Rhonda and I finished our 25th pheasant season. Thank you to all of our hunters and their families. It has been fun watching the generations enjoy the ranch.  We are looking forward to Year 26. The calving season is upon us. The heifers have been calving since March 5th, and the cows since the 15th. The weather has been mild by calving standards. Everything is going along fine. The river is up by a couple of feet. Keyhole in Wy. is”full” and Orman is “near full.” So we can expect more water down the river. The geese are pairing up and we had a group of turkeys pass through the yard today. They look like the ones our friends, Sherry and Fred,  had scared out of their yard. Later….. Randy

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