Hitachi Maintenance – Optimal Performance and Maximum Reliability

When the world changes, organizations need a maintenance strategy that can adapt. That’s why Hitachi Maintenance offers a complete portfolio of service and support options, including ConSite, Genuine Parts, Performance Parts, After Sales Solutions, and more.

Optimal performance and maximum reliability are essential to your business. Keeping your equipment running at peak capacity requires a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes scheduled and selective activities designed to increase asset life and minimize downtime. Whether you have a single machine or a fleet, our team of experienced engineers can help you maximize its performance and extend the life of your equipment through expert preventive and predictive maintenance services.

Predictive maintenance identifies when your equipment needs attention, so you know when to take action. It can also save you money and protect the environment by preventing equipment failures before they happen.

For a more proactive approach to ensuring your equipment’s longevity, consider the Extended Life Program (HELP). It gives you peace of mind and improves your machine’s resale value with regular services, oil analysis and predictable costs for repair using Hitachi Genuine Parts.

Periodical maintenance consists of inspections, oil analyses, diagnostics and repairs performed by Hitachi field engineers in your plant. They are done in accordance with government regulations and customer’s specifications.

Factory remanufacturing is an affordable and sustainable alternative to new parts that will give your equipment a second life. Built to the highest Hitachi specs by specialized technicians, this hitachi mpdr download solution restores machines to their original condition for a better return on investment.

The Hitachi Extended Life Program is a unique extended warranty that provides regular service and inspections, oil analysis, and a range of predictable maintenance costs for repairs using Hitachi Genuine Parts to ensure the best possible operating performance and reduced downtime. This program also helps you maintain records of your equipment’s maintenance and service history, which can be analyzed to assess its value as a future investment.

In addition, HELP offers support from a global network of dedicated dealers. These professionals can assist you with implementing the most effective maintenance programs and help you find the right parts for your machine.

Knowledge management is a powerful tool to connect and share expertise across teams in the enterprise. The platform helps employees easily bridge hierarchical gaps and access expert knowledge when they need it, allowing them to solve problems faster than ever before.

To meet a rapidly changing landscape of global energy challenges, Hitachi Energy needed a knowledge management system that could provide real-time answers from top experts and empower its employees to participate in solving important issues. Starmind’s solution helped Hitachi achieve these goals by connecting employees to problem-solvers and creating a culture of continuous learning throughout the company.

As a leading technology leader focused on advancing the world’s energy system to be more sustainable, flexible and secure, Hitachi has a long history of collaborating with customers to co-create innovative solutions for today’s energy systems. With a workforce of 40,000 people in more than 90 countries, Hitachi has the scale and resources to address urgent global energy challenges.