The Food and Nutrition program at Brescia is accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education

The Food and Nutrition program at Brescia University College is one of the most respected in Canada. Students studying here can learn a variety of nutritional concepts at the undergraduate and graduate level. They are also given hands-on experience in food production, work with local farmers and participate in community volunteer opportunities. These experiences will strengthen their resume for internship programs.

The Food and Nutrition program at Brescia is accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice. It is designed to prepare graduates for a career in the dietetic profession. Graduates of this program are eligible to pursue further steps to become Registered Dietitians in Canada. During their time at Brescia, students will study food science, food safety, clinical nutrition, food manufacturing, and societal determinants of health.

The Food and Nutrition program at Brescia focuses on developing critical thinking skills. The Visit This URL faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment. Some of the award-winning professors have experience in the food and nutrition industry, including Avanelle Kirksey, who lectured at Purdue University in Indiana. Throughout their studies at Brescia, students will be able to work with a variety of Dietitians, gaining real-world experience.

Students at Brescia can participate in clubs such as FRESH, which gives them a chance to get to know other peers in the field. Students can also join Nutrition Ignition, which provides networking opportunities with Dietitians. If you are interested in a career in research, you can enroll in the Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition Thesis Stream program. You will complete a thesis under the guidance of a Faculty Supervisor.

As one of the top Food and Nutrition programs in the country, Brescia continues to educate women. Students will find that Brescia offers a safe environment with small classes and a sense of community. This college has grown over the years from a class of seven women to 1,200 students today. Originally founded by the Ursuline Sisters of Chatham, who were committed to equal access to education for women, Brescia has continued its mission. Among its most popular degree programs are the Bachelor of Foods and Nutrition in Personal and Culinary Services General, which is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and understanding of nutrition; and the Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition, which prepares graduates for research careers.

Students in Brescia’s Food and Nutrition program can work in the industry with local farmers and manufacturers, gain hands-on experience, and explore societal determinants of health. They will study the chemical composition of food, as well as the role of food in the world. In addition to this, they will also learn about societal influences on food habits and the impact of the food industry on the global community.

Brescia is the only all-women’s university in Canada, and the only one to focus on women in leadership. Women are encouraged to take a leadership role in the campus and in their communities. Their goal is to provide a supportive environment where students can thrive and achieve success.