Things You Should Know Before Hiring Local Movers

For most people, a local move is much less daunting than a cross-country or interstate move. However, it is still a big undertaking and requires expert assistance to get the job done right. Many would argue that it is simply not possible to organize and perform a short-distance local move without hiring professional moving services. The reality is, even a local move is difficult and time-consuming if you do not hire the right team of professionals. If you have decided to hire local movers, there are several things you should know before hiring them.

Getting to know your local movers is important in making sure you get the best experience and avoid any surprises on moving day. Most local movers charge on an hourly basis and may have additional fees that should be made clear to you. These may include fuel surcharges, furniture blankets and tape. Be sure to inquire about these fees when you are getting a quote from your moving company.

It is also a good idea to ask your local movers about their packing¬†long distance movers Richardson and loading capabilities. This is especially true for moves in New York City where parking regulations, building restrictions, and narrow staircases can make a local move difficult. Asking for references from previous clients is also a great way to gauge a moving company’s reliability and reputation.

A local move is a move that stays within the same county or metropolitan area. However, this does not mean that your local movers will be able to move anything that you want to pack and transport. Most local movers will only move items that they are licensed and insured to transport.

Before hiring your local movers, be sure to check their USDOT number and state-level regulatory agency. A USDOT number is used to track and monitor the safety records of moving companies. The number can be searched online by either their name or USDOT number. If the information is not available or inaccurate, you should consider another moving company.

While it is not necessary to tip your movers, it is a nice gesture. You should only tip your movers if they go above and beyond to ensure a successful move and if you are extremely satisfied with their work. If you do decide to tip your movers, be sure to give them a generous amount.

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